“My handyman skills left me with stitches. Are you sure you want MY help?”

Posted on Mar 10, 2014
“My handyman skills left me with stitches. Are you sure you want MY help?”

If you never took woodshop in high school, or barely know which end of a hammer to use to get the nail in the wall, we still can use your support!

How you might ask?

1. “Maybe I only cook on Thanksgiving… so what? A new stove would look great in my kitchen!” Awesome! Enjoy the new stove! Consider donating your gently used stove (or other major appliances) for use by one of our homeowners.

2. “Home Depot? Is that like a train depot?” If you have a giftcard for Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, or any other store that sells home improvement materials, but just have no idea what to do with it…  know that WE can put it to good use!

3. “I like you. I really really like you….” Then let’s make it official: like us on Facebook by .

4. “144 characters? Good. That’s about all my attention span can take after a long day at work.” Follow us on Twitter by .

5. “A picture is worth 1,000 words? Even better!” Check out pictures of our projects, our homeowners, and even our staff chasing raccoons (no… really….) by following us on Instagram by .

6. “I’d give anything to be able to wear jeans to work on a Tuesday.” Cool—how about $5? Work with your company to host a “Green & Jeans Day” where employees can each dress down for a donation to Rebuilding Together Omaha.

7. “I love clipping coupons. Getting $173 worth of groceries for $7.36 is my extreme-couponing goal!” Use your skills to support Rebuilding Together Omaha! If you get a great deal on cleaning supplies, paper goods, rubber gloves, or even office supplies, consider sharing some of your stockpile with us.

8. “Bob Ross? Happy Trees? I couldn’t even tell what my paint-by-numbers picture was supposed to be… and I was the one that painted it!” Have extra painting supplies laying around—brushes, drop cloths, drip trays? We often have painting jobs where we could put those supplies to work.

9. “I know you do great work… but why haven’t my friends heard of Rebuilding Together Omaha?” Who knows?? Beats us! But let’s fix that right now. Drop us a note, and let us know how we can share our story with them—is it an article in your church bulletin? Content for your work’s newsletter or intranet site? A chance for us to join-in on a volunteer fair you’re visiting? You help make the connection and we’ll take it from there.

10. “I’m just not very hands-on, but I want to make a difference to low-income senior or disabled homeowners in Omaha. Tell me how.” Between volunteer labor and negotiated contractor costs, consider how far a donation to Rebuilding Together Omaha can go:
$10 covers the cost to install a water heater discharge tube
$15 could upgrade an outlet to a GFCI, to reduce the risk of electrical shock
$70 would repair a stair railing
$240 would replace ceramic tile, ensuring trip & fall hazards are mitigated
Join us in our vision of a safe and healthy home for every person… .