Well-kept homes strengthen neighborhoods, sustain home values, and restore pride, yet illness, age, or other hardship can force people to forego repairs. Because we help low-income homeowners and nonprofits at no charge, volunteers are the backbone of our services. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or weekend warrior, a graphic designer or professional organizer, or just a fan of pulling off fantastic events—we welcome your involvement.

Looking to represent a group of volunteers:

a church group, company volunteer outreach activity, civic organization, school group, family or the like? Download and complete our Volunteer Group Interest Form:

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Looking to share just your personal time and skills with homeowners in need?

Download and complete our Individual Volunteer Interest Form:

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Opportunities for Individuals

Want to get involved but don’t know where to start? We welcome Construction Captains, skilled tradespeople, and generally handy people. Find your niche here.


If you have a construction background or are handy, volunteering is a great way to keep your skills sharp and give back to the community. RTP Construction Captains and skilled trades volunteers are vital to our work.

Construction Captains are compassionate problem-solvers and experienced project managers who meet with homeowners or nonprofit facility managers to scope project requirements and determine effective repair methods.

Skilled trades volunteers help project leaders by doing repair work prior to, during, and after general volunteer workdays. RTP projects are great places to network with contractors and other industry professionals.

Site Volunteers

We also need volunteers with a wide range of skills. Can you rake or shovel? Do painting prep work? Use hand tools, like hammers handsaws, and drills? If so—you’re qualified!

Office/Warehouse/Special Initiatives

We rely on individual volunteers to help us to prepare for National Rebuilding Day and year-round repair projects. Volunteers help with community outreach, event organization, mailings, data entry, and other projects depending on their skills, interests, and availability. We value the time, energy and experience that individuals bring to our organization and appreciate their desire to serve the community.

Opportunities for Groups

We provide opportunities to invest in neighborhoods and create healthy communities that we all want to share. Volunteer a team, sponsor projects, provide materials, and work onsite through RTO’s Team Build and National Rebuilding Day programs. Each sponsorship enables us to serve another homeowner.

Throughout the year, volunteer teams help manage materials and provide energy and manpower to prepare sites prior to National Rebuilding Day and wrap up sites afterwards as needed. Assemble a team from your organization, school, or youth group to help our low-income neighbors and community centers in need.


Rebuilding Together Omaha sponsorship provides community-minded companies and their employees, foundations, service organizations, and congregations with an opportunity to serve the community while building a positive association with a nonprofit that holds a long, successful history in Omaha neighborhoods. Check out sponsorship details or complete our sponsorship form to learn more.

Warehouse Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, we reuse paint sundries and cleaning supplies from the previous year’s National Rebuilding Day. These supplies must be cleaned and reorganized as they return, and our volunteer teams consolidate, inventory, and maintain donated, new, and reused materials and supplies.

Volunteer teams also prepare materials and supplies for delivery to all National Rebuilding Day and Safe at Home project sites. Typically, volunteer teams of 5-20 people contribute their time in four-hour shifts on weekdays or weekends.

Youth Opportunities

We are committed to involving local students in rehabilitating homes and community facilities. Our youth opportunities enable students to work in hands-on ways to improve their neighborhoods.

Get Involved

Contact us at or by to see where your skills are needed most.