In Their Words

“Rebuilding Together Omaha makes me believe in my fellow man. I can get help when I am down.”

“I’m still pinching myself to remind me that this beautiful house is really mine.”

“I can’t find better words to express to each and every one of you my heartfelt gratitude and utmost thanks for all the help or work you have done in my house—which was your home for one memorable and unforgettable day last April 30th, 2011.”

“[RTO gave me] peace of mind over things that had been a nagging daily worry for years.”

“For me and my sons, your organization has been a life-saver. You did so much for us. (Way beyond our expectations, but we really needed everything). With health issues and 3 deaths in our immediate family in 1-1.5 years, it’s been overwhelming. You are like guardian angels that really took care of us beyond our wildest dream. If you didn’t come along, we probably would have lost our house. It really makes me cry, especially to see my own son so excited about all of this.”