Won’t you help us help our neighbors?

We Helped John

“This is fantastic. I tried to do this alone and it was taking forever. I never expected this to happen to me in my lifetime, and is one of the biggest blessings I could receive. I try to help people out in the neighborhood like cutting fallen trees and picking up things after storms, even next door I cut the neighbor’s grass to keep that up, since no one is currently in the home. This program is fantastic. A lot of people need help and you are providing that.”

John Meeks, Veteran, Rebuilding Together Omaha Homeowner

We Helped Rosetta

Rosetta Herron wakes up every morning and heads off to school to work on the ABC’s…

I know what you’re thinking; Rosetta must be in grade school.  She is in fact an 86 year old volunteer that spends all day, every day, at Druid Hill Elementary School.  She gives tirelessly to help teach the children of the next generation the foundations for which they learn everything else in life.  Rosetta has volunteered at Druid Hill since the day she retired over twenty years ago.

Rosetta needed our help. She has owned her home for over forty years and had repairs that were beyond any ability she had to fix.  Her roof was leaking causing extensive water damage throughout the house and needed to be replaced.

Rebuilding Together Omaha has the privilege to work with homeowners like Rosetta every day.  Unfortunately, we are not able to help all of our applicants because of funding.  With your help we can assist other deserving homeowners like Rosetta.


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